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Maxis’s main challenge today, of adapting effectively to a rapid changing and often hostile environment of telecommunication networking industry. Everything change too fast until the company is unable to cope with rapid pace. In this section, we will describe about the implementation of change in Maxis in order to deal with changing market environment and to shift to the updated telecommunication technology.
To excel in today’s business climate, organizations must continually deliver differentiated products and services that provide high business value. Even the most successful enterprises can experience failure because they unsuccessfully manage change in software development. With more demand than ever for IT to quickly and accurately achieve and support corporate objectives, IT organizations must cope with a continuous barrage of changes—changes in product requirements, technology, development processes, and deployment environments.
Thus, there are few strategies implementation that had been done by Maxis in order to strive in this market climate such as:
• The need to reinvent the business as the business environment changes
As the competitive pressures increase, the company needs to rethink his business strategy and position in the value chain. One solution – contributing both to differentiation and cost leader strategies – is to simplify the value chain and move closer to customers through mobile services (Ollila, 2000).
• The need to be able to focus on the most differentiating activities
Most operators still want to differentiate with new mobile services, content and portals. All of these require extensive efforts to develop, launch and market with increasing time-to-market pressures. Being able to focus on these most differentiating activities is a significant benefit – while the technological environment is becoming more complex (Moorehead, 1997).
• The need to improve operational efficiency
No matter of the operator's competitive strategy, there is a need to increase the cost efficiency of basic technical operations. And after usual process optimization and competence development, the main source for cost efficiency is economies of scale. For very large operators and international operator groups it is possible to gain significant economies of scale in-house. Small and medium sized operators should consider also whether a managed service provider could deliver benefits for their business by creating higher economies of scale on their behalf (Schermerhorn, 1997).
• The need to improve quality of services and operations
If Maxis manages the operations and network properly with necessary capacity increases and modernization, the quality of service will be meeting the customer's expectations. However, the quality is unlikely to be a differentiating factor as all the operators can deliver the same. But the new mobile services and applications provide excellent possibilities for quality differentiation and grabbing market share – in a certain time window (Handy, 1989). The operator should make the most out of this with the chosen help of the experienced managed service provider.
• The need to manage technology and operational challenges
In traditional operator-vendor relationships, the operator has responsibility for deploying mobile services - network technologies, billing and customer care readiness. This integration responsibility has a fair share of risk involved in it. Managed services contract can be set up in a way to reduce this technology and operational risk, linking service provider’s incentives to operator’s business objectives. The importance of these drivers differs from one operator to another, so each of these drivers needs to be considered carefully. Since outsourcing of technical operations is such a major change, it should be based on the correct and well considered reasons.

The various steps for a successful organizational change in Maxis can be carried out through the following steps:
Form the coalition.
Once we create the commitment of what we want to our vision to be, the second step is to form a coalition of all stakeholders. It's not only your senior management, but it is everyone that is involved with your company as well. You must include both internal and external members of your organization. Because we work as a turnkey asset management provider to independent financial advisors, we needed their agreement to this commitment if we were going to move forward successfully.
Envision the future.
Paint a picture of what the firm is going to look like when this journey and transformation are complete. Many individuals who are part of your team will have difficulty understanding what the changes you are attempting to incorporate into the business really mean. They are going to ask how the change is going to affect the company and, more importantly, each individual within the company.
Begin the transformation.
To begin the transformation, Maxis did not do it drastically. It has to be step-by-step and not in a rush. Maxis has a very systematic management and it is very efficient so that all the staffs and worker and also their partners can adapt with the changes within Maxis.
Embed it in the culture.
Everything you're doing should be consistent with the commitment. In so doing, you create a new culture. In our case, our commitment was to wealth management for private clients. Maxis wanted to provide the best advice to private clients available in regards to their life management issues. 

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Maxis Berhad (Maxis) is an integrated communications service provider in Malaysia with 14.1 million mobile subscriptions. As an industry pioneer, Maxis has led the Malaysian market in offering innovative mobile products and services since their inception in 1995. Maxis was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in November 2009.As an industry pioneer, Maxis has led the Malaysian market in offering innovative mobile products and services since their inception in 1995. They were the first to launch 3G services, Maxis 3G in March 2005. In 2006, they were among the first mobile service providers to use HSDPA, a high-speed feature of the 3G network. In 2009, they were the first to introduce HSPA+, the latest advancement in 3G/HSPA network capabilities, to enhance the delivery of wireless broadband services to the market. Over this year, MAXIS employ 3,345 people full time, over 80 per cent of who are graduates and professionals.

Strategy of Maxis:

Board of directors
1.       Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad Bin Raja Tun Uda (Chairman and an Independent Non-Executive Director)
2.     Robert William Boyle (Independent Non-Executive Director)
3.     Dato’ Mokhzani Bin Mahathir (Independent Non-Executive Director)
4.     Asgari Bin Mohd Fuad Stephens (Independent Non-Executive Director)
5.     Ghassan Hasbani (Non-Executive Director)
6.     Dr, Zeyad Thamer H. ALEtaibi (Non-Executive Director)
7.     Dr. Fahad Hussain S. Mushayt (Non-Executive Director)
8.     Augustus Ralph Marshall (Non-Executive Director)
9.     Chan Chee Beng (Non-Executive Director)
10.  Sandip Das (Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer)

Senior management
Sandip Das (Chief Executive Officer)
2.     Nasution Mohammed (Chief Financial Officer)
3.     Suren J. Amarasekera (Joint Chief Operating Officer)
4.     Mark Dioguardi (Joint Chief Operating Officer)
5.     Mohamed Fitri Bin Abdullah (Enterprise & Government Business)
6.     Sophia Lim (Sales,Distribution & Customer Services)
7.     Harold Quek (Home Products)
8.     Azmi Bin Ujang (Compliance & Government Liasons, Human Resources)
9.     Stephen John Mead (General counsel)
10.  Chow Chee Yan (Internal Audit)
11.  Kala Kularajah Sundram (Talent & Organisation Development)
12.  Lee Chuan Yew (Information Technology)
13.  Yap Chee Sun (Network)
14.  Denis Seek (Technology)
15.  Tan Lay Han (Integrated Marketing & Customer Management)
16.  Kugan Yhirunavakarasu (PDI & Roaming)
17.  Jeff Chong Koon Meng (Mobility Products & International Services)
18.  Mariam Bevi Batcha (Corporate Affairs)
19.  Dipak Kaur (Company Secretary)

Achievement & Awards On 2011

1. 2nd Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia 2011
Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Association
(Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia- PUMM)
2. Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovations Awards 2011
Winner: Maxis with Acision
Missed SMS Notification Service
3. Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2011
4. Frost & Sullivan
5. Putra Brand Awards 2011 - The People's Choice
Brand of the Year - MAXIS
6. Putra Brand Awards 2011 - The People's Choice
Communication Networks
7. The Global Telecom Business (GTB) Power 100 A-List
Sandip Das, CEO Maxis Berhad
ICT Leadership Award 2011
Business Continuity Awards
Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd
10. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Best In-House Inbound Contact Centre (Above 100 seats) in Malaysia
11. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Best In-House Outbound Contact Centre (Below 100 seats) in Malaysia
12. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Best CRM Programme
13. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Best Social Media Programme in Contact Centre
14. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Prestige Award in Corporate Social Responsibility
15. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Silver Award
Best People Contact Centre
16. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Bronze Award
Best Green Contact Centre
17. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Bronze Award
Most Creative Contact Centre
18. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Bronze Award
Best Process Excellence
19. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Gold Award
Best Manager (Above 100 seats)
20. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Silver Award
Best Manager (Above 100 seats)
21. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Silver Award
Best Contact Centre Support Professional
22. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Silver Award
Best Telemarketer
23. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Bronze Award
Best Telemarketer
24. 12th CCAM Excellence Award 2011
Bronze Award
Best Contact Centre Professional
25. UDC Business Awards 2011
26. Finance Asia
Top Three Best CEO Malaysia
Sandip Das
27. Finance Asia
Top Three Best CFO Malaysia
Nasution Mohamed
28. Finance Asia
Best Managed Company – 3rd
Best Corporate Governance – 4th
Best Investor Relations – 3rd
Best Corporate Social Responsibility – 3rd
Most Committed to a Strong Dividend Policy – 4th
29. Malaysia 1000
Telecommunication Sector
2010 / 2011
Hosted by Employer Branding Institute of Singapore
31. Global Telecoms Business (GTB)

Milestones in 2002

1. Maxis is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
2. Maxis is a constituent of the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Indices: MSCI Malaysia Index, MSCI Asia Pacific Free ex Japan Index and MSCI Asia Pacific Free ex Japan Telecommunication Services Index.
3. Maxis launches the country's first bundled m-service plan
4. Maxis' wholly-owned subsidiary, UMTS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd awarded a conditional 3G Spectrum Assignment
5. Signed a conditional sales and purchase agreement with TimedotCom Berhad for the purchase TimeCel Sdn. Bhd.
6.  Maxis Bridging Communities is launched as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative logo.


 Malaysia’s leading mobile communications service provider.
The nation's premier integrated communications service provider.


            To bring the future to our customers lives and business, in a manner that is simple, personalized and enriching by efficiently and creatively harnessing leading-edge technology and delivering a brand of service experience that is reliable and enchanting.


            Part of our job at Maxis is to make sure that technology is never scary. Or even, remote from your daily activity. Our challenge is to answer successfully the question "how human can the technology become?” they have four words to describe the spirit of Maxis, the things that should come across in every single thing that we do, for customers and for everyone who works together in the company. By focusing on just four words we define ourselves. This is what Maxis stands for.

·      SIMPLE

            They aim to keep everything the thing they do as simple as possible. For example, customers understand what it is they are telling them because it is the way that is straightforward and easy to understand. They make things simple for everyone. Keeping things simple also means that everything they say is said in a clear direct tone of voice that is friendly and human.
            Trust is crucial in every successful relationship and this is true between customers and Maxis, just as it is true between the company and its employees. All good relationships are built on trust that inspires confidence, and, assurance, conviction and reliance. To be trustworthy is a way of life.

            Creativity defines us and therefore differentiates us from our competition. It inspires not only our communication style, but also how they answer the phone, design their stores, and deal with challenges. Creative runs through everything they do and everything they say, it's in their DNA.
·      BRAVE

To lead people into new territories they have to be brave. They have the courage to try new things, to take the occasional calculated risk, to go where their competitors have not been. It ensures that they stay at the forefront and that their customers benefit from new and better ways of doing things. It means doing the right thing, rather than the easy thing. It means having the courage of their convictions. Brave is the quality of a true leader.

1.     Become the leading provider of convergence solutions for enterprises in Malaysia.
2.     Become leading mobile communication service provider in Malaysia.



            Maxis believe that its extensive customers based strong hold in the high value segments, high quality network and services, effective distribution, recognize brands equity and resulting strong cash flow generation will allow it to consolidate its position as the market leader.


            As the target telecommunications operator in Malaysia, we will continue to grow our mobile business, as well as develop new life services that are delivered true multiple excess points, including fixed and mobile broadband. Our grow strategy is consistent with the government’s initiative to drive broadband penetration to over 50% of households by the end of this year and more generally to use the telecommunications sectors as the strategic vehicles for driving economic growth and development of rural areas.


Main importance of Maxis is that they have corporate plan in order to maintain their position in market to serve the customers. As a responsible business, Maxis have embedded the principles of corporate responsibility (“CR”) in their day-to-day operations. Sustainable and ethical ways of doing business
have been at the core of Maxis' initiatives.
To achieve business success over the long-term, Maxis recognize that they must continue to foster and nurture meaningful relationships with the stakeholders. Among core values is the attribute of trustworthiness, which requires that they subscribe to high business ethics that are vital to building stakeholder trust.

At Maxis, their CR initiatives are focused on:
·      Conducting business responsibly in the marketplace;
·      Nurturing talents and developing their potential in the workplace;
·      Contributing towards the communities; and
·      Doing their part to mitigate the impact of Maxis operations on the environment

1.     Broadband

Maxis have provided two types of broadband services that are:

(a)   Wireless Internet
There are three types of plans that Maxis have provided that are iPad Plans, Postpaid Internet and Prepaid Internet. Customers can choose any plan that is suitable with what they need.
(b)  Maxis WiFi
This service enables the customers to surf the internet on their devices when they are out. By subscribe to this service, the customers can surf the internet by connecting to the Maxis’s WiFi hotspots.

2.     Mobile and Plan

Maxis have provided selection of services for the customers to choose. There are varieties of services to be chosen. The customers can just choose any service that is suitable and affordable for them. Services that Maxis have provided:

(a)   Rate Plans and Charges
(b)  Mobile Internet
(c)   Mobile Services
(d)  International Roaming
(e)   Mobile Number Portability
(f)   Fun and Innovation Series
(g)   Phone Settings
(h)  Maxis Newsletter

3.     Devices

Maxis is not only a company that provided telecommunication service, they also sell devices that are what we called as the “hot stuff” nowadays. They also offer the customers selection of plans that are specially created for the devices. There are wide varieties of plans, so customers can choose the plan that is affordable to them. The plan is consist of the phone line and also the Internet services. The “hot stuff” devices that have the special plans are:

(a)   IPhone
(b)  IPad
(c)   Android Phone
(d)  Blackberry
(e)   Windows Phone


1.     FINANCE

            A detailed budgeting and reporting process has been established. Comprehensive budgets are prepared by the operating units and presented to the Board before the commencement new financial year. Upon approval of the budget, the Group’s performance is then tracked and measured against the approved budget on a monthly basis. Reporting systems which highlight significant variances against plan are in place to track and monitor performance. These variances in financial as well as operational performance indices are incorporated in detail in the monthly management reports. On a quarterly basis, the results are reviewed by the Board to enable them to gauge the Group’s overall performance compared to the approved budgets and prior periods.


The Human Resource Officer is responsible for providing support in the various human resources functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling.
The Human Resource Officer provides advice and assistance to supervisors and staff. This may include information on training needs and opportunities, job descriptions, performance reviews and personnel policies of the Council. The position coordinates the staff recruitment process .The Human Resource Officer provides advice and support to supervisors and staff selection committees and ensures that they have accurate and timely information in order to make effective decisions.
Failure to provide adequate advice or assistance may result in lost opportunities for staff development, poor staff morale, financial loss to staffs for residents and a loss of credibility for the Chief and Council.
The major responsibilities of HR department are:-
1)    Provide support to supervisors and staff to develop the skills and capabilities of staff.
2)    Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.
3)    Coordinate staff recruitment and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedure is used to hire staff.
4)    Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors and Council on human resource and work related issues.
5)    Perform other related duties as required

In the Maxis itself, Azmi b. Ujang holds the portfolio as Head of the Human Resources and is responsible for the overall management of human capital, internal communications and corporate occupational safety and health. He also responsible for ensuring the company and its employee comply with regulatory requirements and internal policies/procedures and providing assurance to the Board of Directors and Senior Management. He also represents Maxis in key interactions with government and regulatory agencies.


Maxis provide a variety of mobile communication products and services. They offer prepaid call plans, monthly subscription plans, International Roaming, MMS, WAP (over both GSM and GPRS), Residential Fixed Line services, and Broadband Internet plans.
For business customers, Maxis offer VSAT services (satellite based communications) and BlackBerry based mobile services besides regular services. Maxis also provide an online Music store for its customers to download multimedia content.
Maxis most popular service is its prepaid brand Hotlink, which currently serves over 8 million customers in Malaysia. They are currently heavily promoting a new IDD 132 service, which offers cheaper calling rates mobile & landlines in selected countries, at a rate of 20 sen (roughly 6 US cents) per minute which is, at certain times for many subscribers, even cheaper than a local call.
Maxis was the first mobile communications company in Malaysia to be authorized to sell the Apple iPhone. Furthermore, for iPhone plan, no extra charge after monthly quota will be charged.
The product that Maxis offer such as BlackBerry and iPhone is taken from the other company and Maxis just sell with the plan that they have. BlackBerry is a line of mobile email and smart phones devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). Apple iPhone is same with the Blackberry function but it is from different company. It is a smart phone marketed by Apple Inc. Apple Inc or formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer and software and personal computers.

Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns that promote a product, service or idea. The role includes planning, advertising, public relations, organizing events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research. The work is often challenging, varied and exciting.
The responsibilities of a marketing executive will vary, depending on the size of the organization and sector, and whether the focus is on selling a product or service or raising awareness of an issue that affects the public.
As many organizations have marketing departments, marketing executives can be found in both the private and public sectors, from the financial, retailing and media industries to voluntary and public sector organizations.
Marketing executives may also be known as marketing officers or coordinators.
The marketing strategies that Maxis applied are:
-       Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders, e.g. customers, schools, students and partner organizations
-       Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships
-       Sourcing advertising opportunities and placing adverts in the press (local, regional, national and specialist publications), radio and television.
-       Managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, flyers, newsletters and e-newsletters.
-       Liaising with designers and printers
-       Organizing photo shoots
-       Arranging for the effective distribution of marketing materials
-       Maintaining and updating customer databases
-       Organizing and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions
-       Sourcing and securing sponsorship
-       Conducting market research such as customer questionnaires and focus groups
-       Contributing to and developing marketing plans and strategies
-       Evaluating marketing campaigns
-       Monitoring competitor activity like Celcom, Digi and U-mobile.
-       Supporting the marketing manager and other colleagues.

For managing the logistics, Maxis has chosen their best partnership companies in order to manage and assist in logistics department. The company that is chosen by Maxis is SIP e-logistics. SIP e-Logistics, a company with more than 10 years of experiences in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, experts at knowing what types of inbound supplies chain planning issues FMCG manufacturers face. They have used that knowledge to build specific solutions that solve such pressing issues to help maximizes profits. Their solutions are perfect for companies in FMCG industries that are serious about improving bottom-line performance and keeping customers happy in getting their products.
In squeezing costs from inbound logistics merchandising to coordinating marketing services for the lowest total cost to analyzing product line profitability through prompt information gathering via GPRS wireless technology, SIP e-Logistics has helped many clients to improve financial and operational performance, to increase market share and to adapt quickly to change.
SIP e-Logistics' core services are to provide Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in Malaysia with total solution for inbound supply chain service management such as inbound merchandizing logistic service, marketing services, timely sales, inventory and competitor pricing report via the internet using GPRS instant wireless data transfer technology.

-       High network quality and customer service
-       Market leadership and effective branding
-       Strong and effective distribution network
-       Capitalist in fast growing broadband and data opportunities
-       Experience management team
-       Cash flow generation, financial discipline and corporate governance
-       Premium branding and customer care continue to attract and retain subscribers. This is further supported by long-term iPhone plans.
-       Much wider 3G/3.5G coverage than Digi and similar coverage as Celcom
-        Largest subscriber base in Malaysia with c. 39% share.
-    Largest postpaid subscriber base of c. 43% is critical to future market trend towards more postpaid subscribers.
-       Management’s track record for its transparency and ability to deliver performance.
-       Good loyalty programmed with, perhaps the best family plan in Malaysia in our view.
-       The deal gives Maxis an opportunity to move into a rapidly growing market place, equipped with full management control and board representation.
-       Gaining control of Aircel will give Maxis access (i) to the number one mobile operator in Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai, (ii) new operations in five more circles and (iii) a further potential five circles.
-       Profitable as at Mar05, with net profit of RM464.9mn (US$123.0mn). No.1 mobile operator in Tamil Nadu and Chennai
-       Credible Indian partner (the Reddy family of Chennai), expected to contribute in terms of business operations


-  Rural area cannot reach the network
-  Need to pay for maxis customer service
-  Have hidden charges for postpaid and broadband
-  The rate higher than others.
-  The mobile Internet is limited.
-  Maxis do not offer triple play of mobile, broadband, and pay TV.
- Growing enterprise business may entail more capex and Maxis can only selectively       grow its enterprise business.
-Earnings dilutive expected for the first two years, with break-even estimated in year three and profitable only in year four or five onwards.
- Network capacity expansion to consume sizeable amount of profit at the initial stages with high financing costs


-       New mobile devices e.g. iPhone (“4G”) and recently launched iPad drive demand for broadband services.
-       Under-served broadband population offers great growth opportunities.
-       Selective enterprise opportunities as Maxis build backhaul capacity mainly for wireless broadband; it can target some of the lucrative enterprise business using the same backhaul network
-       Potential for triple play if tie-up with content provider/broadcaster, e.g. Astro
-       Young demographics that is data hungry. 32% of the Malaysian population is under 15 years old, which is a prime target for broadband services over the next 15 years.
-       Unique position to tap into one of the world’s fastest growing economies (3-yr GDP growth rate of 7-8%) and mobile telecommunications market space (CAGR of 34% p.a., 15% penetration rate by 2010)
-       Ability to expand into other parts of Tamil Nadu state and subsequently acquire new licenses to operate outside the area

5.     THREAT

-  Digi’s launch of the iPhone last week could put further pressure on Maxis.
-  Aggressive broadband promotions by wireless competitors, including WiMAX players.
-  Under competitive pressures.
-  Adjustments to interconnect rates may pressure Maxis’ earnings, as the company is a net receiver of calls.
-  Competitive operating landscape with large and mid-size players having advantage of
(i) Market leadership
(ii) Economies of scale
(iii) Stronger network capacity
-  Regulatory hurdles, such as future allocation of spectrum and licenses, which may not favor Maxis.